Disgruntled Employee Bad Mouths the Boss...Shutting Down Libel & Slander

The corporate client came to The Ross Firm wanting to know if we could shut the potentially damaging libel and slander down.

Within two days, a team of lawyers at The Ross Firm had drafted material and put it squarely in front of the first available sitting Judge. The material asked the Superior Court Judge to grant an injunction that would, in effect, gag the disgruntled employee until such time as a full trial could be held, or a satisfactory resolution could be worked out.

But that is not all The Ross Firm sought on behalf of its client!

The legal team was concerned that material filed with the court on behalf of its client, contained sensitive information that if learned by others, could affect the client's competitive edge.

With that in mind, The Ross Firm also asked a Superior Court Judge to seal the court file, so that only the parties involved in the court action could have access to the file.

And the result?

The court ordered the employee to cease defaming his former employer and to honour the confidentiality agreement he had entered into while still an employee which brought a quick end to further damage.

The Court also ordered that the court file be sealed, thus barring any competitor from taking advantage of the court action to gain inside information about our client's business.

Lessons to be learned? If you, your employer, or your own company has corporate or commercial issues... we have experience in that area of law.

Give us a call.

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