Comprehensive Estate Administration Services

Being named the trustee of an estate (also known as an executor) carries significant responsibilities. Failure to properly perform those duties can result in needless delays and financial costs, and you could even be subject to litigation.

At The Ross Firm, we provide efficient and cost-effective services designed to help trustees complete all necessary tasks in the estate administration process. Our goal is to complete the process in an efficient manner, so that the estate's assets can be transferred to beneficiaries as quickly as possible.

Our lawyers can assist you in these and other estate administration matters:

  • Educate you regarding your duties as a trustee
  • Prepare and file the application for appointment of estate trustee
  • Identify and locate the estate's assets and debts
  • Arrange for the sale of real estate or personal property
  • Prepare and file tax returns
  • Obtain a clearance certificate from the Canada Revenue Agency confirming that all taxes have been paid
  • Keep accurate records for transmission to the estate's beneficiaries
  • Assist in the passing of accounts and transfer of assets to the estate's beneficiaries

Our Commitment To You

The passing of a close family member can bring grief and produce uncertainty. As a trustee, you may also come under pressure from family members and beneficiaries who wish to obtain their inheritances sooner rather than later.

Our lawyers can help you perform your duties with integrity and accuracy. We can take on the burden of the many laborious tasks of the probate process while helping you avoid the prospect of litigation.

Excellence + Value is The Ross Firm's formula for success.

If you have been appointed a trustee and live outside of southwestern Ontario, we can handle all necessary estate administration tasks. We will keep you fully informed by email, phone, fax, text messaging or express delivery.

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