Ross Firm Initiates Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Plan

The Ross Firm has gone to social media and the local community to propose a bold humanitarian effort for the Town of Goderich.

The proposition: That Goderich undertake the sponsorship of Syrian refugees. Groups of 5 or community groups can privately sponsor a refugee or refugees. The obligation to support is only 1 year.

The Ross Firm would provide, for no fees, assistance, direction and support during the application process. Where they do not have the necessary expertise to take a step they would seek out partnerships with service providers in order to keep costs to a minimum.

Community Sponsors (CSs): Any organization (for-profit/not-for-profit, incorporated/non-incorporated) located in the community where the refugees are expected to settle can make an organizational commitment to sponsor. Community Sponsors must undergo financial and settlement plan assessments by the Centralized Processing Office in Winnipeg CPO-W each time they wish to sponsor. Like G5s, Community Sponsors must demonstrate that the organization is willing and able to commit funds toward the sponsorship in line with the levels established in the Sponsorship Cost Table.

Groups of Five (G5) are five or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents, who are at least 18 years of age, live in the expected community of settlement and have collectively arranged for the sponsorship of a refugee living abroad. The five individuals act as guarantors that the necessary support will be provided for the full duration of the sponsorship. The Centralized Processing Office in Winnipeg assesses individual contributions of group members to the sponsorship. The financial and non-financial aspects are considered collectively as well as the settlement plan before the sponsorship is approved. The group's financial commitment must meet the levels established in the Sponsorship Cost Table.

A CG or a CS has the option of formalizing a partnership with an outside party to share in the delivery of settlement assistance and support. Partnerships may be formed with individuals (e.g., a family member of the sponsored refugee living in Canada) or other organizations. The partner-cosponsor-is expected to sign the sponsorship undertaking and discharge the responsibilities that were agreed to in the settlement plan.

The Ross Firm has already started to reach out to local community groups and churches to find partners for this initiative. ESL teachers, speech pathologists, individuals with past settlement program experience, community members and other interested in the cause have already voiced their clear support.

The Ross Firm's Quinn Ross has sought deputation for the Town Council meeting scheduled for September 21, 2015 at 4:30pm in order to outline the proposal and seek support from eh Town of Goderich.

Anyone who is interested in assisting with this project is asked to contact Quinn Ross or Matthew Chapman at the Ross Firm.

Published on September 04, 2015 by Quinn Ross.