Founding Partner And General Counsel Heather J. Ross Nominated For Inspiring Women In Huron Award

Heather Joy Ross

Heather moved to Huron County back in 1976 from Toronto to Clinton with her husband and two small children. Heather was 32 when she entered law school and graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario in 1986. Family law was a great interest, but women's rights were her passion.

Domestic violence was a term, for the most part, unheard of but a real and often brutal part of the lives of too many women and their children. Many widowed women found themselves reduced to poverty and women when dealing with lawyers were expected to do their husband's bidding. Upon graduation, Heather dedicated herself to providing services for vulnerable women. She worked with others to establish a network of safe houses for women with children which helped to create the Huron Women's Shelter and she was counsel to the Shelter. Heather took on all cases for women regardless of their economic circumstances, and for many this was a lonely and uphill battle for women in Huron County. Heather joined other advocates for women's rights and sat on the Domestic Assault Review Team that was established in 1995 to ensure that abusers of women and children were held accountable and that their victims were protected.

As a practicing lawyer, Heather placed issues of domestic abuse and gender inequality squarely before the courts and broke new ground when both subjects were not yet clearly on the radar of legal and judicial thinking. As a consequence of Heather’s work and the work of many women lawyers across Ontario and the country, matrimonial property law was legislatively changed to recognize the significant contributions of work and other non-monetary gifts made by women to the family enterprise. Heather’s mission, her driving force has always been and continues to be her commitment to women’s rights, to make herself available to women who need her help and in particular to the women of her community, Huron County. As an example, several women who worked for Heather as law clerks now practice law, as lawyers.

She spotted their talent and encouraged and helped them to go to law school. Heather inspires others to realize their potential, and in that passionate undertaking she is an inspiring woman. Join us in celebrating Heather Joy Ross on March 3 and purchase your ticket to this year's event:

2017 - Inspiring Women In Huron Awards Celebration