Elli Cohen and Deputy Premiere Deb Matthews announce 3.3 million to Blyth 14/19

Both Quinn Ross and Elli Cohen of the Ross Firm are actively involved in the project. Elli as Chair of the 14/19 board of directors and Quinn as a member of the campaign cabinet, charged with political and financial considerations as the project moves ahead.

On the heels of a craft brewery announcement (Cowbell) and commitments for a million dollars from the Sparling family, the project is truly well underway.

Campaign 14/19 is directed at:

  1. Revitalizing Blyth Memorial Community Hall - home of the Blyth Festival and the finest in new Canadian plays.
  2. Building the Grant and Mildred Sparling Centre - home of the multi-disciplinary Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity.
  3. Creating The Rural Trust to sustain the creativity through a not-for-profit endowment for dedicated programs, awards and scholarships.
  4. Establishing a Community Bond (for-profit) that allows for unique private/public investment opportunities in creative retail and infrastructure.

Additional considerations for community engagement and cluster development include:

  • the support and promotion of rural economic and community development;
  • the documentation and revitalization of traditions and contemporary creativity of rural life;
  • support for rural communities' efforts to solve their own challenges in their own ways;
  • the cultivation of creative assets and gain broad-based public awareness.
  • the celebration of cultural diversity.

For more information, to get involved or to donate please visit www.blyth1419.ca

Elli Cohen and Deputy Premiere Deb Matthews announce 3.3 million to Blyth 14/19