Fast-Track Real Estate Services

Imagine that you can receive an affordable, all-in-one quote for residential real estate transaction services. No guesstimates about closing costs. No hidden fees. No surprises at the closing. That service is now available to home buyers and home sellers in Ontario.

The lawyers at The Ross Firm and Fast-Track Real Estate Services facilitate residential real estate transactions throughout the province. We provide comprehensive range of services designed to achieve trouble-free closings — at an affordable fixed price.

To learn how we can take the guesswork out of your closing costs, call The Ross Firm at 888-567-4917.

All-Inclusive Pricing For Closing Costs

The Ross Firm has made considerable investments in technology that enable us to provide cost-effective real estate transaction services. We pass those savings on to our clients.

Fast-Track Real Estate Services can provide you with a flat-rate quote for these types of real estate transactions:

What's Included*
Purchase of ResidenceTitle insurance, title search, disbursements, HST and registration of transfer and mortgage. Land Transfer Tax is not included.
Sale of ResidenceFees, disbursements and HST. Does not include registration of discharge or other instruments on title.
Mortgage RefinancingFees, title search, disbursements, lenders title insurance, HST and document registration. Does not include registration of discharge or other instruments on title. Does not include additional unsecured debt payouts.

We can advise you regarding the amount of Land Transfer Tax you must pay and other matters relating to your real estate transaction.

By using Fast-Track Real Estate Services, you can be assured that you will incur no additional costs beyond those indicated in the quote we provide.

Contact The Ross Firm

For more information or to receive a Fast-Track Real Estate Services quote, call 888-567-4917 or contact us online. We have offices in Goderich, Stratford and Kincardine to serve you.

* We offer flat-fee quotes based on standard transactions. If your transaction will incur additional fees, we can advise you prior to the completion of your transaction.