• Commercial & Corporate Law

    At The Ross Firm, commercial and corporate law is rarely a “one-­off.” It’s part of a relationship, one that changes and grows with your business. We’ll get to know you, your business and your goals. No matter what stage you’re in—starting, buying, growing, selling, winding down—the experienced and talented corporate law team at The Ross Firm can deliver sound business law advice and solutions.

  • Family Law

    More than any other area of the law, family law is about your life. It’s about protecting, getting and keeping what’s important to you. And if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We’re smart and we’re strong and we’re on your side, with all the tools in our arsenal.

  • Real Estate Law

    Residential real estate transactions, done properly, can be deceptively simple. Residential real estate is generally your largest asset and liability. Without proper due diligence, what appears simple can become fraught with expensive pitfalls that come to light before the deal closes, or worse yet, years later.

  • Employment Law

    Employment law is sometimes about good news: developing, drafting and reviewing employment contracts and employment policies and procedures to make sure you, whether you’re the employer or the employee, are protected.

  • Civil Litigation

    We’ve seen it all: simple debtor/creditor cases to multi-jurisdictional, multi-party matters. No matter the nature of your civil suit, The Ross Firm will represent you with thorough case preparation, a comprehensive review of all of the relevant legal issues, intelligent and persuasive representation at settlement meetings and, if necessary, strong representation at trial.

  • Wills & Estate Law

    You want to be prepared, not only to save your family from hard decisions, but also to make sure your interests are served, and your wishes carried out. Depending on your circumstances, you may be concerned about a living will, or powers of attorney for property and personal care.

  • Administrative Law

    Your case isn’t going to court. It’s going to a board or tribunal. Why? And what do you do now?