Experienced Marital Property Lawyers

The division of marital property can be complex in any divorce, regardless of the amount of assets and debts you and your spouse incurred during your marriage. It is important to work with a financially savvy legal advisor who can help you thoroughly assess and advocate for your property rights in your divorce.

At The Ross Firm, our team of lawyers is committed to providing quality legal service to clients going through a divorce or other family-related matter. Experienced at handling property settlements of all sizes, we will work diligently to achieve a successful resolution to your divorce issues in negotiations and, when necessary, in litigation.

Investigating, Assessing And Dividing Marital Property And Debts

What was built during a marriage must be quantified and divided during a divorce. This does not necessarily mean that property will be divided equally. Instead, the division of property in your divorce will depend on fairness and equitability.

Determining what is fair in your divorce will depend on the facts in your situation and a careful review of your separate and joint property. Our lawyers will investigate the financial holdings, assets and debts at stake in your divorce. We frequently consult with business valuation specialists, accountants and other financial professionals in order to accurately value marital property.

At The Ross Firm, we have extensive experience assessing and valuing all types of property, including:

  • Retirement assets such as RRSPs and pensions
  • Real estate, homes and cottages
  • Personal property
  • Business interests, including family farms

The Ross Firm represents clients throughout southwestern Ontario, including Goderich, Hanover, Sarnia, Walkerton, Owen Sound, Kincardine, Stratford and Port Elgin.

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