Protecting The Rights Of Employees And Employers

For more than 35 years, lawyers at The Ross Firm have provided knowledgeable advice and skilled representation in wrongful dismissal and termination cases. We have extensive experience representing employees and employers in employment law matters throughout southwestern Ontario.

Understanding Wrongful Dismissal

An employee can be terminated with cause or without cause. If an employee is terminated without cause, however, the employer must provide reasonable notice of the dismissal. Notice is generally provided in the form of compensation.

Wrongful dismissal occurs when an employer dismisses an employee without cause and fails to give reasonable notice of termination. Additionally, a wrongful dismissal can occur where an employer constructively dismisses the employee by making a significant, detrimental change to the terms of employment, such as wages or responsibilities.

Assisting Wrongfully Terminated Employees

If you were wrongfully terminated, our lawyers will diligently investigate the circumstances of your dismissal. In cases where there was notice, we will review the notice to determine if it was adequate under the law. Where an employee was fired with cause, which does not require notice, we will carefully review the situation to ensure that the employer followed the proper process. No matter the circumstances, we are committed to protecting our clients' interests after a dismissal.

Advising Employers On Dismissal Strategies

Lawyers at The Ross Firm provide strategic compliance advice and employment policy planning to employers. We are dedicated to helping you protect your business interests and develop a plan to properly dismiss an employee with or without cause.

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