Helping You Build A Successful Franchise Business

The purchase of a business franchise provides the entrepreneur with extraordinary opportunities. It may however, bring with it significant risk. Sound advice from an experienced lawyer can help you reduce those risks and deal effectively with other challenges.

At The Ross Firm, we have been helping business owners establish and grow their enterprises for more than 35 years. Our lawyers are advisors who guide our clients at critical moments at a reasonable cost to them. They recommend ways to minimize risk and take advantage of opportunities. If a problem does arise, our lawyers work diligently to achieve a successful resolution.

For a prospective franchise owner, The Ross Firm can:

  • Review the franchise purchase agreement
  • Structure your loan
  • Draft a commercial lease or review your existing lease
  • Review your commercial lease and negotiate improvements
  • Provide other advice and services that can identify and minimize potential risks

Once you purchase your franchise, we can:

  • Establish the most advantageous business structure for your business (such as incorporation or partnership)
  • Provide ongoing advice to help you grow your business
  • Advise on employment law matters
  • Provide advice and representation regarding the resolution of business disputes

In addition, The Ross Firm represents franchisees in claims involving fraud and misrepresentation under the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), and in proceedings to terminate a franchise agreement.

Serving Southwestern Ontario, Including Goderich, Stratford, Kincardine, Port Elgin And Owen Sound

Franchise agreements are often complex documents of 100 pages or more, and may contain hidden pitfalls for the prospective franchisee. Our lawyers will thoroughly review the franchise agreement and supporting materials. In many cases, we may be able to insist on changes to the language that can better protect your interests or clarify your obligations.

The Ross Firm wants to help your business grow and prosper. You can depend on us to do everything we can to make your business successful at reasonable rates. When you're successful, we're successful.

Excellence + Value is The Ross Firm's formula for success. Let us help you achieve your goals.

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