Administrative Law Lawyers

Your case isn't going to court. It's going to a board or tribunal. Why? And what do you do now?

You've got yourself an administrative law case. These are the cases involving issues such as property zoning, planning disputes or land expropriation; electricity transmission project applications; water quality safety; disputes, whether between landlords and tenants or employers and employees; information and privacy issues.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests Before Administrative Law Boards

The Ross Firm has extensive experience with a wide range of regulatory agencies and tribunals. The Ross Firm lawyers have appeared before these Ontario boards:

  • Ontario Energy Board
  • Ontario Municipal Board
  • Federal Labour Relations Tribunal
  • Ontario Labour Relations Tribunal
  • Landlord and Tenant Board
  • Environmental Review Tribunal

The Ross Firm has dealt with issues as diverse as real property zoning and planning disputes, linear land expropriations, provincial electricity transmission project applications, landlord and tenant disputes, federal and provincial labour disputes, water quality safety, and information and privacy issues.

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