Elli Cohen


Because of that fearlessness, Elli Cohen has found that much of the work he’s taken on in the last few years has been referral work from other lawyers, be it an appeal or a particularly complex financial case. Elli understands and excels at the "performance aspect" of litigation, and brings that skill when dealing with the conflicts of family law, advocating for his clients, and getting his clients what they deserve under the law.

Elli has had great success in large, complicated property cases including matters that dealt with international property, corporate interests, family businesses, farm valuations, quota, and crops, stocks and bonds as well as other financial equities. His experience working at CIBC and Merrill Lynch before heading off to law school has stood Elli and his clients in good stead.

Elli met Quinn Ross in law school. They worked together for three years at Western’s Community Legal Services clinic. After school ended, Elli joined a boutique Bay Street legal practice in Toronto and tried to convince Quinn to join him there; for his part, Quinn tried to lure Elli to Goderich. Quinn won based on the quality of life, a magical Victorian house for Elli, his wife and three teenage boys, and a far less stressful commute to work.

And while he’s no longer close to the bright lights of Toronto theatre, he’s doing what he can to keep the arts alive in the area, as a member of the Board of Directors for both the Blyth Centre for the Arts and Blyth’s Campaign 14/19.


University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Law, London, Ontario, Canada

  • LL.B. - 2004
  • Law Journal: Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence, Student Editor, 2003 - 2004

Huron University College, London, Ontario, Canada

  • Honours B.A. - 2001
  • Major: Economics & History

Representative Cases

  • Cassidy v. Cassidy, O.J.No. 1053 (SCJ 2011)
  • Cassidy v. Cassidy, O.J.No 1927 (SCJ 2010)
  • Viclu v. Kozicki, O.J.No 1146 (SCJ 2010)
  • Clements v. Clements, O.J.No 5768 (SCJ 2008)
  • Huron-Perth Children's Aid Society v. J.J., O.J.No 5372 (OCJ 2006)
  • Huron-Perth Children's Aid Society v. J.J., O.J.No 5340 (OCJ 2006)
  • Lohse v. Fleming, O.J.No 5580 (SCJ 2006)
  • Whitfield v. Whitfield, CarswellOnt 8791 (SCJ 2006)
  • Wine v. Spivey, CarswellOnt 2942 (SCJ 2007)
  • Gollaw v. Miller, CarswellOnt 6455 (SCJ 2008)

Family Law